Fields of            Dreams Retrievers

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Kody's Second Chance

Chance is our 5 year old male! He loves to swim and carry toys around 24/7.  He will play ball for hours or cuddle at your feet. His has been the dad of many litters of puppies! Chance has his CGC certification and is working on his service dog training. He has all his clearances including hips, elbows, eyes and heart.

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Winnies Fields of Dreams Retrievers

Winnie will be bred August 2018.  Winnie is 75 lbs. She is fun loving and as sweet as can be.  She loves to go on long walks and always brings the ball back. She watches TV especially when the golden from Full House is on!  She has her hip, eye, elbow and heart clearances. 

Koko's Fields of Dreams -

Koko is  a sweet  girl who loves to swim.  She will always find a ball for you to throw.  If allowed she will cuddle in bed or on the couch!  She has her heart, eye, hip and elbow clearances.

 Koko had a litter with Angus born May 23, 2016.  You can go back on the facebook page and see the litter from birth to the day they moved to their new homes!  Angus is a full English golden and he has his hip, elbow, eye and heart clearances. ​ Angus belongs to Christine Best from A Golden Paradise.

Fling's Fields of Dreams

Fling is 2 years old and loves to play ball. She will chase and bring it back all day! She loves attention and will let you pet her 24/7 if you will! She is sweet and wants to love everyone.  She has all her clearances.

Eyes, Hips Elbows and Heart.